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address:Building 5, fuyong tong tailli industrial park, baoan district, shenzhen

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 Shenzhen wanchuangxing electronics co. LTD. was established in 2011, Is a professional production of small quantities of Allegro and model enterprises. Company is located in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Fuyong Tong Mei Li Sheng Industrial Park, with 16,000 square meters plant, with 32 layers below the manufacture of high multi-layer board, blind buried board, soft and hard combination board, mixed plate, thick copper, high frequency board, no Halogen plate, metal substrate, embedded passive components board and other difficult board capacity, batch line monthly production capacity of 10,000 square meters, the model line on the production of 3,000 varieties.

Since its inception, the company's service is "the urgency of urgency, customers would like to think, quality-oriented, service-oriented", and continuously deepen the customer's more extensive, more perfect, more lasting cooperation, to achieve high quality Quick to provide customers with the most satisfied with the products and services. Adhere to the spirit of perseverance, full participation in quality improvement, and constantly absorb the latest international technology, improve product quality, to meet customer needs. Companies focus on personnel training, advocate full "self" concept, with a vibrant, professional dedication, experienced technology, production and management team, and strive to enhance the company in the PCB professional areas of technical level and production capacity.

The company passed the military certification in 2016.

Companies in Nanjing, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Suzhou has sales offices, professional for domestic and international communications, industrial, security, medical, automotive, scientific research, aerospace and defense applications and other high-tech enterprises to provide a model, small batch of fast service.

Polytetrafluoroethylene sheet

Polytetrafluoroethylene, composite special fiberglass cloth, composite dielectric material pressed high frequency microwave circuit board substrate

Product performance and processing advantages(Performance AndProcessing Advantages):

Low loss, low tolerance and excellent high frequency performance; high frequency performance of pure polytetrafluoroethylene products at different frequencies; low, wide dielectric constant; excellent, stable and flat DK / DF test performance; Excellent processing performance and most FR-4 process compatible; high-frequency intermodulation indicators stable, in line with customer needs; excellent dimensional stability, uniform thickness, flatness; metal through hole and welding reliability; resistance to anti-CAF performance

Improved z axis thermal expansion; product rigidity; intermodulation requirements ≤-160dbc;

typical application(Typical Applications):

Filter, coupler, combiner low noise amplifier, military radar, missile guidance system, geodetic positioning system, Beidou positioning system, Beidou navigation system, Beidou GPS positioning, car high-speed transmission system, car crash system, aviation, navigation Positioning system, UAV antenna, antenna GPS microwave module, security alarm device, digital broadcast antenna, base station communication antenna

Rogers' sheet
Rogers' sheet is made of glass fiber reinforced hydrocarbon / ceramic substrate (non-PTFE)

Some typical applications:

1, non-PTFE 2, low loss, low tolerance and excellent high-frequency performance 3, different frequencies of stable electrical characteristics 4, low dielectric constant temperature coefficient 5, low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient 6, low plate expansion coefficient 7, Excellent dimensional stability 8, easy to mass production

Rogers (NYSE: ROG), headquartered in Rogers, USA, is one of the world's leading specialty materials development and production suppliers. Rogers products are widely used in: portable communications equipment, communications infrastructure, computers and office equipment, consumer products , Ground transportation and aerospace and defense in all areas.

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