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PCB circuit board cooling skills

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PCB circuit board cooling skills

Release date:2017-06-27 Author: admin Click:

PCB circuit board cooling skills

PCB circuit board for heat treatment is a very necessary thing, electronic equipment in the course of the operation will produce a lot of heat, so that the device temperature quickly increased, if not timely cooling, the device temperature will continue to rise, the components will be due to overheating And failure, the reliability of electronic equipment has become a question.

We focus on the PCB board temperature factors: the direct cause of PCB temperature rise is due to the existence of circuit power devices, electronic devices are varying degrees of power consumption, heat intensity varies with the size of power consumption.

When the PCB has a small number of devices when the heat is relatively large (less than 3), the heat sink can be added to the radiator or heat pipe, when the temperature can not be lowered, you can use a fan with a fan to enhance the heat effect. When the amount of heat generating device is more (more than 3), a large heat sink (plate) can be used. It is a special heat sink customized by the position and height of the heating device on the PCB board or in a large plate radiator On the different elements out of the high and low position. The whole heat sink on the element surface, with each component in contact with the heat. But because of the high and low consistency of components installed welding, cooling effect is not good. Usually in the component surface plus a soft thermal change thermal insulation pad to improve the cooling effect.

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