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Do you know a brief history of printed circuit boards

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Do you know a brief history of printed circuit boards

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Do you know a brief history of printed circuit boards


Before the printed circuit board appeared, the interconnections between the electronic components were made up of direct wires connected to the wires. In contemporary times, circuit panels exist only as an effective experimental tool, and printed circuit boards have become an absolute dominant position in the electronics industry.

At the beginning of the 20th century, to simplify the production of electronic machines, reduce the wiring of electronic parts and reduce the cost of production, they began to delve into ways to replace the wiring by printing. In the past three decades, engineers have been able to put metal conductors on insulated baseboards for wiring. The most successful was in 1925, when Charles Ducas printed a line pattern on an insulated substrate and, in electroplating, successfully built a conductor for wiring.

It was not until 1936 that Paul Eisler, an Austrian, published a foil technique in England, using a printed circuit board in a radio set. In Japan, palace this pleased help to spray the attached wiring method "メ タ リ コ ン blowing wiring method (chartered 119384)" success to apply for a patent. Paul Eisler's approach is most similar to today's printed circuit boards, which are known as subtractive methods to remove unwanted metals. Charles Ducas and miyamoto's help is to add only the required wiring, which is called addition. However, because of the high heat of the electronic parts at the time, the base plates of both of them were difficult to cooperate with, so that there was no formal practical work, but it also made the printing circuit more technical.


In recent decades, China's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing industry has been developing rapidly, with total output and total output ranking first in the world. Due to the electronic products, the price war changed the structure of the supply chain, China's industry distribution, cost and market advantage, has become the world's most important production base of printed circuit board.

The printed circuit board develops from single layer to double panel, multilayer board and flexible plate, and continuously develops to high accuracy, high density and high reliability. Reducing volume, reducing cost and improving performance make the printed circuit board still maintain a strong vitality in the future development of electronic products.

Future printed circuit board manufacturing technology is development trend in performance to high density, high precision, fine pore diameter and thin wire, small spacing, high reliability, multiple stratification, high-speed transmission, light weight, thin direction.

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