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How to solve the waste printed circuit board pollution problem

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How to solve the waste printed circuit board pollution problem

Release date:2017-12-21 Author: admin Click:

The printed circuit board is an important part of electronic electronic products. Its composition is complex, the hardness is high, the toughness is strong, contains a variety of valence metal and a variety of harmful substances, its resources has been the problem in the field of electronic waste resource management. In order to solve the waste printed circuit board PCB manufacturer in shenzhen to produce secondary pollution in the process of problems, including waste gas and dust pollution invented a wet broken by water crush medium is used to implement the printing circuit board broken. Cryogenic fragmentation is also being applied to the fragmentation of printed circuit boards. Vortex separation is a method of separation of metal and non-metal parts of printed circuit board.

Along with economic development and scientific and technological progress, the number of discarded electronic products into linear increasing, a large number of waste printed circuit board electronics do great harm to the environment on the one hand, on the one hand and waste valuable resources, especially precious metals. This situation lead to governments around the world, environmentalists and the height of the corporate world, some countries and regions are taking effective measures, in the laws and regulations, the recycling system and recovery technology research and development, etc to do a lot of work

Shenzhen PCB manufacturer from the current research level and depth of view, using "mechanical and physical separation + hydrometallurgy recovery" processing waste printed circuit board has the advantages of can realize industrialized production in the short term, but the whole process of optimization, and the prevention and control of environmental pollution in the process of production is still the focus of future research

Hydrometallurgy technology of recycling the valuable metals in waste printed circuit board is mainly using the valuable metals in the circuit board can in nitric acid and aqua regia, strong oxidizing medium dissolved into the liquid phase characteristics, make the most of precious metals and other metal into liquid instead of bricks and phase separation, and then recycling all kinds of metal from the liquid phase. Using hydrometallurgy technology the metal in the recycling of waste printed circuit boards, takes apart, select (large pieces of metal, does not contain precious metal parts), crushing (usually of shredded metal and nonmetal powder separation) process, such as chemical leaching and one of the precious metals and other valuable metals. Therefore, wet metallurgical technology can be used as the follow-up process of mechanical physics method.

And by using the principle of "whirlwind vortex separation", independent research and development out of the waste printed circuit board is totally physical recycling equipment ", effectively to realize the separation of metal and nonmetal, and nonmetal powder and further materials are usually printed circuit board main part is made of thermosetting epoxy glass fiber composite materials, the material not only has the characteristics of insoluble and doesn't melt, and contains a high concentration of brominated flame retardants, heavy metals and other harmful ingredients, bring great difficulty in recycling. At present, most recycling is limited to metal parts. Landfill and incineration are still the main ways to dispose of waste. The heat treatment method mainly includes incineration, vacuum cracking and direct smelting.

The incineration method is to break down the electronic printed circuit board waste to a certain particle size, and to be burned in a incinerator, which can be decomposed into the organic components, thus separating the gas from the solid. The residue after incineration is the exposed metal or its oxide and glass fiber, which can be recovered separately by physical and chemical methods after smashing. The gas containing organic composition is discharged after combustion treatment of secondary incineration furnace

Pyrolysis is also called dry distillation in industry. Is puts electronic printed circuit board waste container under the condition of the air heating, made of organic matter is broken down into the oil and gas, after the condensation collecting recyclable, metal and glass fiber basic don't change the nature of the composition such as, in the reactor as a solid residue, using simple physical method can separate collection. Unlike the incineration process of electronic waste, the vacuum pyrolysis process is carried out under the condition of oxygen free, so the generation of dioxins and furans can be stopped and the waste gas produced less and the environment is polluted.

The basic principle of chemical treatment is to use the different chemical stability of the various components in the printed circuit board to make the waste printed circuit board resource. This method is used to process the process of extracting metal from various metals through multi-stage chemical reaction by making liquid from the metal rich group or through the broken circuit board.

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